Our furniture collections consist of various styles of design theme. For long term lease, you can start to build your furnishing solution from the following:

We have created entire collections of rental furnishings that complement each other for a whole house. These collections are grouped among furniture design themes and consist of living room, dining room and bedroom for 1 to 3-bedroom houses. It is the easiest way to furnish your home.

You can also choose your furniture collections by room – living room, dining room, bedroom and study, mix and match different themes.

If you prefer to build your own collection by individual piece of furniture, we have created an easy way for you to choose individual rental items so you can create your custom solution.

After you’ve selected your furniture and submit the request to our team, we will put together a quotation and contact you to discuss the quote and make sure you have everything you need.

For short term rental (lease term as short as one month to 11 months), you will select from our complete collection of reconditioned stock of regular furniture.   Follow this link to Short Term Rental.

Furnishing a home can never be so easy!

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