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As part of the CORT Global Network, T6 Furnishing serves many multinational companies, e.g. General Motor, Ford Motor, Bayer, P&G, Decathlon, BMW, Apple etc., providing premium quality home furnishing solution. T6 Furnishing has therefore become a leading service provider in the home furnishing industry.

In addition to corporate clienteles, T6 Furnishing also provides a completed range of home furnishing solution to expatriates in domestic property rental market. We praise ourselves in providing fast and flexible solutions, diverse design styles and speedy after sales services to our clients, and have cultivated an excellent reputation in the home furnishing industry for over 10 years.

T6 Furnishing provides home furnishing solution to domestic rental apartment projects, and our groundbreaking home staging service has broken through the traditional restriction. Convenient and efficient service, leading design, customized solution, 7-day delivery, convenient after sales service and flexible adjustment have made T6 Furnishing the top choice of home furnishing service provider for many rental apartment projects.

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