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How do I start?

You select your furniture, sign a lease, pay your deposit and advance rent, and we deliver and set up your furniture. You can view our furniture by visiting us at our showroom or browsing through our website and catalogues.

How long can I rent the furniture for?

The minimum lease term is one month. Rental period less than 11 months consider as short term lease while anything longer than 12 months (inclusive) consider as long term lease. The longer the term of your lease, the lower the rent you will pay.

Are there any other cost involved besides the furniture price?

The only other costs are sales tax and delivery fee (includes transportation, assembly, setup and disassembly, removal). 

How fast can you deliver?

We deliver within 3 working days for short term lease from our reconditioned stock of regular furniture, and 7 working days for long term lease.

Can you deliver the furniture before I arrive?

Yes. If you can arrange an authorized person to receive the furniture on behalf of you, we can have your furniture delivered and set up before you arrive.

Can I rent more or less furniture than what is included in the collection?

Yes. There are many options. Depends on your budget, you can select an entire collection and add finishing touches or pick individual items to create your own collection. You can rent for the entire house or for just a living room.

I need more than just furniture. Do you rent electronics, linen and kitchen utensils?

Yes. We offer complete range of home furnishing products for lease include furniture, kitchen appliances, garden furniture, electronics, bed and bath linen, cutlery and crockery and lighting.

What if I need to change my order after I sign the contract?

If you want to add or remove some furniture, you must obtain prior confirmation from us in advance. You will pay according to the modification of the monthly rent and additional transportation fee (if any).

What if I need to break my lease?

When you rent, you are signing a contract that commits you for the length of your lease. We will collect the rent of the rest of the lease term and related transportation and moving fee incurred under this circumstance if you terminate during the first 12 months fixed lease term. After the fixed lease term, you just need to inform us by giving 30 days writing termination notice.

Do you provide maintenance service?

We provide repair and maintenance service throughout the rental period. Reasonable repair fee will be charged for damages caused by your negligence and improper usage.

Do I need to pay for the wear and tear of the furniture?

Our rent includes damage waiver fee and insurance so that you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear of the furniture.

What do I do when my lease expires?

Upon lease expiration, you have the option to extend the lease or inform us for pickup.

Do I need to pay deposit? How do I pay the rent?

For long term lease, our standard term is 6-month deposit. Rent to be paid every 3 months. For short term lease, the standard term is 1-month deposit and 1-month advance rent.

When will the deposit be returned?

Under normal circumstance or no breach of contract, the deposit will be refunded in full without interest within 30 working days upon the return of all Leased Goods.

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash, bank transfer, WeChat or Alipay

Can you assist me with the furniture layout for my home?

Yes, our consultants are available to assist you at no charge. We can offer assistance in choosing just the right furniture of your lifestyle and budget.

Do you sell furniture?

Yes. We not only offer rental furniture, but we sell furniture at very competitive prices too

Can I rent the decorations?

No. Decorations include curtain, chandeliers, paintings and ornaments are not suitable for back-and-forth transportation or repeated dismantlement, so they are mainly for sales.