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Adam Qian T6 Designer

Adam Qian, newly appointed T6 designer, without any formal training in design college, he started as design assistant and eventually found his passion in design. Self-taught, Adam actively gained his knowledge and experiences by learning from senior designers and through extensive on the job training for over 3 years, his unique sense of design style is well recognized by senior designers and highly appreciated by customers. Adam uses his unique knowledge of quality and artistic space as well as his practical design concept to bring his customers a comfortable home that brings harmonious among family members, where one can relax and rejuvenate after a busy day, and one can truly enjoy work-life balance and happiness. Design originates from life, and the enthusiasm and perseverance for life make this young designer constantly bursts out new vitality.

Marco Lombardi T6 Chief Designer

Born, educated and trained in the country of art and beauty - Italy, Marco’s continuous research in harmony and new contests has brought him to the UK, the Netherlands, Matera and Milan before moving to Shanghai in 2015.

With more than 10 years working experiences, Marco has been working with the restoration of historic building project in the Netherlands, famous international furniture company Calia Italia, handcrafted spectacles firm Occhialeria Artigiana, M/I/M/ project with Politecnico of Milan and Triennale Design Museum of Milan to name a few. His expertise spans from industrial design to interior design in various industries.

As the strong believer of environmentally-friendly design and innovation, Marco is committed to the attention for every details in life and design.

Joe Samaga T6 Designer

Seattle native, Joe Samaga has been in the design industry for over 15 years. His understanding of Seattle’s unique, metropolitan personality adds spice to his work, which, when combined with the influence of China’s fast-moving, economic center, Shanghai, creates a style found nowhere else.  Joe’s extensive experience and success in visual merchandising with the American luxury department store, Nordstrom, provided  him with a strong foundation in all areas of design, including lighting, interior design, window display and event management.

Joshua Fang T6 Designer

Born in the United States, Josh likes traveling and integrates the design styles within different countries. He has broadened his horizons by living in different countries and had rich experiences beyond his age. His life experiences in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai enables him to experience the differences between Eastern and Western cultures and their different aesthetic needs. Born with a passion for life and a keen sense of fashion, he came to China to further his study in interior design at Shanghai Raffles Design School. Systematic learning made his design both bold and innovative. Josh believes that design can change life and advocate new life, new fashion and new design. It is this innovative, bold breakthrough personality that makes him wanting to change more people's way of life with spiritual design.

Recommendation CASE SHOW
Tomson Riviera

This not-over-the-top luxury and low key glamorous design is highly inspired by the need of the urban elites who always expect for top quality and have excellent aesthetic taste. Artistic feeling as core value, it expresses strong individuality and personal taste, and creates harmonious but yet independence living spaces for a family. It is an ideal living sanctuary, contemporary and warm, comfort yet modern.

ABOUT home staging

home staging helps sell or lease your home or managed properties in the shortest amount of time. An unfurnished or empty house holds no appeal. Only few of home shoppers can actually visualize a home’s potential including furniture and accessory placement, and most of them just cannot look past unattractive, mismatched or unfurnished homes.

T6 Furnishing interior designers and home staging professionals will help bring your home’s best features forward to ensure the finest presentation for potential clients. We will evaluate your home from not only a designer’s perspective but most importantly from a client’s perspective.

Staging your property will create that special place that buyers will want to call HOME.