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Furniture leasing is an attractive alternative to investing cash in furniture purchase, especially when your need is short term or you will foresee change in the future. You can save money by leasing furniture versus purchasing brand new at a retail location.

Leasing furniture allows you to choose any available space, whether for vacation home or residence, in exactly the location you need. Initial cash outlay and overall cost are minimized. You get professional help in selecting the exact furniture style that best suits your use and personality, and you can tailor the furniture you choose with the premise that you select. Plus, furniture rental easily accommodates change. Changing individual pieces, overall style  or even your location can be done with ease.

Consider leasing furniture if any of the following issues are true:

*  Permanent furniture shipment is on the way

*  Furniture is likely to be needed for two years or less

*  Location where the furniture is to be used over the next two years is uncertain

*  Location might change, move or upgrade and need new furnishings

*  Want to avoid the initial expense of furniture purchase

*  Need to preserve capital by avoiding the total cost of furniture purchase

*  Need to facilitate style changes and seasonal adjustments in near future